I have been a New York based audio engineer for the past two decades. During that time I have had the opportunity to work on a number of amazing projects, with some of the most iconic musicians from almost every genre of music.

I began my career working on platinum selling albums with Lenny Kravitz, learning the fundamentals of making great records, before taking a staff engineer position at the legendary Magic Shop Studio in NYC.  Since then, I’ve engineered records from artists such as Jazz legend John Scofield to folk icon Steve Earle, In 2007, my work on Steve Earle’s record, Washington Square Serenade, earned myself my first Grammy for “Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album.” 

While continuing to engineer and produce music, I have also worked on a number of commercial, television and film projects. Recording, mixing, and sound designing for companies like Samsung, Jet Blue, MTV, ESPN, As well as recording music for films like Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill and HBO’s The Wire.

I’ve built a full-service recording and mixing studio in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a neighborhood brimming with local artists. Located in the historic Leviton Building, the studio was designed to provide a relaxing and undisturbed environment for those who work there. A private space away from the hectic backdrop of manhattan.Loaded with contempory and vintage gear, the studio is capable of handling virtually any project that comes through the door.